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of investigated cyber attacks in 2014 involved weak passwords
of data thefts involved non-payment card data
of cyber attack victims did not detect the breach themselves
in 2014, cyber criminals exposed over 10 million identities in only 4 attacks
Internet Security Threat Report 2014
a computer application has 14 vulnerabilities on average
317 million new pieces of malware were created in 2014
Internet Security Threat Report 2014
Crypto-ransomware attacks grew by 4,000% in 2014, holding user's data hostage and asking for money to unlock access to it
Internet Security Threat Report 2014
1 in 1126 websites found infected with malware in 2014
Internet Security Threat Report 2014
you have installed on your system at least 3 applications that make it vulnerable to hackers.
Heimdal Security

Would you know how to handle a cyber attack?

Here's how our Cyber Security for Beginners course works to get you protected:

20 lessons
(delivered via email once every 2 days)
Actionable advice
(learn how to protect yourself against cyber criminals)
Exclusive freebies
(bite-size knowledge, support & discounts)

What you'll learn

Here's a quick overview of what you'll learn in the next 5 weeks:

Cyber security basics:
learn how to set up your security system and acquire a basic cyber security vocabulary.
The right tools & tactics:
follow step-by-step recommendations to choose the right tools and actions that can shield you from viruses and malicious content.
Detection and prevention:
identify and eliminate the security holes in your system that make your vulnerable to cyber threats.
Protecting yourself and loved ones:
Learn how to keep your kids and parents safe from cyber criminal actions.
The safe way to explore the web:
bulletproof your online accounts (email, social media, cloud, etc.) and all the personal data that you've stored online.
Get real, useful cyber security skills:
discover how cyber attacks work, how to avoid virus infections and how you can counteract their malicious consequences.

Is this course for me?

We created this course for everyone who wants to learn how to stay safe online.

It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about cyber security, because this course will help you understand what it's all about.

And you'll have our full support along the way!

Even if you know the basics, you might still discover tips and tricks that really make a difference.

So if you love gadgets, apps and everything that the Internet has to offer - you need this course!

Remember: in the online world, with great opportunities come great threats as well.

What our attendees have to say about the course

"The material was very impressive, revealed how much the Internet has progressed in such short time, positive as well as negative.

It is not only important to know how to travel the www, it is also important to be familiar with the rules, last but not least to defensively venture the course. This course was supplemented with reading "Cyber Security for Dummies", it is amazing in which speed www has developed. The material on cyber security is very intriguing - why do we wait so long to inform ourselves?

THANK YOU for the inspiration!"

Paul from Germany

"Thank you for the notification that I aced the final evaluation.

In the 18 to 20 years I have been using the web to trouble shoot computers and repair them, I have never seen such comprehensive security articles. Heimdal Security has my utmost thanks for providing these security lessons. I pass your lessons along to the general public when I service their computers. I also encourage everyone to use Heimdal Security. I learned a lot from your security lessons, and eagerly looked forward to the next lesson. I got interested in computer security after having my credit card # stolen many years ago because of a Flash Player exploit. I asked Lawrence Abrams the owner of Bleeping Computer to offer your Heimdal Security software on his site. Thank you so much for the incredible information you provided in your Cyber Security course. I personally cannot think of anything to change in your security course."

Patrick from the US

"Want to learn more about Cybersecurity? Take this course! (And yes, strong passwords are key!)

If thoughts about keeping your devices secure from hackers and malware gets you on edge to the point where you don't like to think about it, ignore the problem, and know that by avoiding solving the problem you are creating a worse problem, try this: Free Cyber Security Course for Beginners from Heimdal Security.

I'm into day 10 and so far, the course is great! It's sent to you daily for 21 days. It offers great advice and guidance for keeping your computer and devices secure - and it includes guidance for backups in case someone does take your device (and use the passwords and information on it).
I've been learning a bunch and am getting a refresher into what makes a secure system."

Mary Brodie from Texas, US

"You guys are an invaluable part of what I do.

I am a new IT sales professional as of this year and you guys keep me informed and aware. I benefitted greatly from the course as well as from your regular newsletter and blog."

Jeff from the US

"Very nice cyber security course!

Took the entire thing a few months ago, and I find that it was comprehensive and was well written out that a user of any experience would be able to understand this!"

Tan Han Min from Singapore

"Dear Heimdal Security, I was reading all your lessons that you sent me for the 3rd or 4rd time. They were so good!!! I really enjoy your lessons; they are the best I've ever seen. Keep up the good work and keep sending me the security threats updates as I read them with a fine tooth comb."

Alan from USA

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Meet our instructors

Miriam Cihodariu, Security Evangelist
"Get protection for your connection" might sound cheesy to others, but it sure means a lot to me!
I live & breathe cyber security, and I'm using my background in marketing & communication to help others be more aware of cyber threats lurking around the web (and how to get protected, of course!). If you need help with a cyber security issue, I'll help you find the answer if I can't give it myself!
Bianca Soare, Security Evangelist
I'm a cybersecurity writer, who dives in and explores complex technical issues, only to return and present them in ordinary human-speak.
I use my background in content writing and digital marketing to provide helpful and educational content for our users, and help them be more aware of cyber threats.